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Plumber Health and Safety Hazards

Health and safety hazards for plumbers include:

  • Exposure to lead, adhesives, solvents, solder, sulphur dioxide, and other toxic substances.
  • Histoplasmosis and psittacosis infections from bird droppings.
  • Hantavirus from rodent droppings.
  • Hazards from working in proximity to flammable or combustible materials.
  • Working in awkward positions or performing awkward manual tasks.
  • Lifting heavy or awkward objects.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Working in confined spaces.
  • Working at heights.
  • Risk of eye injury from flying particles.
  • Slips, trips and falls.
  • Risk of injury from working with various tools.
  • Stress and increased risk of injury from shift work or extended work days.