The Metzger Law Group supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the International Myeloma Foundation

Charitable Donations

The Metzger Law Group is committed to financially supporting cancer patient support, research, and advocacy groups, as well as organizations that promote social justice.  The firm regularly contributes to, and has undertaken fund raising efforts for, various public health organizations, public universities, patient advocacy groups, and public interest organizations.

In 2010, the Metzger Law Group made a charitable donation of $100,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America in recognition and appreciation of the firm’s courageous clients who wage their own personal battles with leukemia and lymphoma and to fund programs that support cancer research and education for patients suffering from these terrible diseases.

Further more in 2010, the Metzger Law Group also made a charitable contribution of $100,000 to the International Myeloma Foundation, which fosters education, research, and support for victims of this especially debilitating and lethal cancer worldwide.

Over the years, the firm’s founder, Raphael Metzger, has made charitable donations totaling $1 million to the California Community Foundation to Benefit Public Justice, America’s public interest law firm that strives to protect people and the environment, increase access to justice, combat threats to the justice system, and inspire people to serve the public interest.

At the Metzger Law Group, giving is as important as receiving.  As Mr. Metzger is fond of saying, many lawyers have obtained million-dollar verdicts or settlements for their clients, but few have contributed a million dollars to charity.  In Mr. Metzger’s view, the mark of a truly successful attorney is not how many million-dollar successes he has achieved in the courtroom, but rather, how many millions of dollars he has contributed to charities that serve the public good.