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California's Toxic Tort Law Firm

The Metzger Law Group is a boutique firm whose practice is concentrated on the litigation of toxic tort and environmental exposure cases in the State of California.  It is the only law firm in California that is devoted exclusively to the litigation of toxic injuries other than asbestos-related diseases.  The firm was founded in 1987 by Raphael Metzger and is located in downtown Long Beach.  Today the firm has nine attorneys and a support staff of about 20 dedicated employees. The firm’s litigation is primarily focused on occupational toxic injuries rather than contamination of real property.

The firm has successfully litigated many cases for clients exposed to benzene-containing solvents and fuels who developed leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and other blood diseases.

The firm has also litigated many cases for clients exposed to inhaled toxic substances (e.g., aluminum, ammonia, beryllium, chlorine, cobalt, diacetyl mixed dusts, paraquat, polyvinyl chloride, silica, talc, titanium, tungsten) who developed interstitial lung disease – a progressive, incurable, and typically fatal disease in which the lung tissue becomes fibrotic (scarred).

The firm has also litigated several pesticide exposure cases as well as cases involving other toxic chemical hazards.

In addition to its occupational toxic tort practice, the firm has successfully litigated several cases under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65), requiring companies to provide California consumers cancer hazard warnings before exposing them to products which contain chemicals which cause cancer or reproductive harm.


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