The Metzger Law Group supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the International Myeloma Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Metzger Law Group is to help workers and other persons injured by exposure to toxic chemicals, by obtaining medical care and compensation for their injuries. The firm also seeks to protect people from exposure to toxic chemicals and to require chemical companies to make safer chemical products and provide people adequate warnings of the toxic hazards of their products.

The Metzger Law Group is a compassionate, honest and experienced team of litigation attorneys representing people who have been seriously harmed by toxic chemicals.  Although our practice is concentrated in California, our attorneys are nationally recognized for their work in toxic tort litigation.  We have a proven record of success representing clients for serious injuries and death caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.

Many law firms advertise for benzene-leukemia cases, but do not litigate these difficult cases.  Instead, they refer them to the Metzger Law Group, because we actually try benzene exposure cases and know how to prepare and litigate them.  The Metzger Law Group has successfully litigated benzene-leukemia cases for more than 15 years, obtaining numerous recoveries for clients in seven figures.  The Metzger Law Group is the real deal!

If you have questions about benzene and other toxic chemicals, leukemia and other cancers caused by chemical exposure, we are here to help.  Toxic injury laws are complex and confusing.  The Metzger Law Group can help you.  Call us today for a free case evaluation or click here to send us a case inquiry.