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Metzger Law Group Attorneys Go Green

Metzger Law Group attorneys are constantly traveling to court and depositions for the firm’s clients. It is hardly news that Southern California freeways are congested and major sources of air pollution. Recently, the firm’s senior attorneys decided that the Metzger Law Group would do its part to help reduce air pollution in Southern California and to assure that the firm’s attorneys can get to court and depositions on time for their clients. In 2011 the firm purchased a fleet of zero-emission vehicles cars that are powered solely by natural gas or electrical power (batteries). Now the firm’s attorneys travel green, without adding to air pollution in Southern California. Since the firm’s new fleet is zero-emission, the firm’s attorneys can drive in the carpool lanes, avoiding delays in traffic and getting to court on time. The Metzger Law Group is committed to improving our environment and providing the best (and most efficient) services to the firm’s clients.