The Metzger Law Group supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the International Myeloma Foundation

Catastrophic Injuries

All of the injury cases litigated by the Metzger Law Group involve catastrophic injuries.  Many of the firm’s clients suffer from cancer or other serious diseases, including damage to vital organs such as the lung, liver, and kidney.  Many of the firm’s clients have had to undergo the ordeals of chemotherapy, major surgery, and organ transplantation.

The attorneys and staff of the Metzger Law Group are sensitive to the catastrophic injuries of the firm’s clients and can often provide help in securing medical treatment for clients and insurance coverage for complex medical procedures, including organ transplantation.

In addition to litigating the cases of catastrophically injured clients, the firm has been instrumental in obtaining bone marrow, lung, and kidney transplants for clients who required such life-saving treatments.  The firm has also had substantial success requiring insurers to pay medical providers for such life-saving medical treatments.

The firm engages experts in rehabilitation medicine, medical care needs, life medical care planning, and economics to help clients recover from their catastrophic injuries and to prove the full nature and extent of their injuries to judges and juries.